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[audio]Shacharit at Shalom al Yisroel ~ Kislev 4, 5773 - Rafi Simcha
For the refua shelema of Rifka Chaya bas Elisheva Chana and klal Yisroel. This clip is 1 hour and 52 minutes long. Curate note: Judaic content
Keywords: shacharit; prayer; davening; men; singing; blessings
Downloads: 48
[audio]Rosh Hashanah Library Service - 2011 - Rafi Simcha
These audios are for people to learn their sections from.
Keywords: Jewish High Holy days
Downloads: 53
[audio]Rabbi Henoch Dov at the NonDuality Conference - Rafi Simcha
Audio of Rabbi Hoffman's part of the "Science and Non-duality Anthology 1,” a 3 DVD set of interviews with representatives from almost 30 different spiritual and philosophical traditions. The audio begins with an introduction of Rabbi Hoffman. In the video, you have to read the questions, so for this audio version I read the questions and inserted the audio. Here are the questions: Intro *What is non-duality *What is the “I”? *Is there a need to remove the “I”? *Is there free will? *Wh...
Keywords: unity
Downloads: 62
[audio]Please Come to a White Courtesy Telephone - Rafi Simcha
"Ambient" and "Humor" don't often go together - and whether or not this is humorous will be strictly in the ears of the listeners. The only names in the list that are not real people's names are Sneed Hern, Cleopatra Pepperdecker, and Cletus and Lurleen Plunk - names used by W.C. Fields and the Simpsons that I couldn't pass up. Many of the other names are from various books of collections of unusual names, and many others are people I have actually known...
Keywords: unusual names funny wierd obscure conceptual performance audio poetry spoken word comedy funny ambient spacy space
Downloads: 152 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Tribute to Red Rocks - Rafi Simcha
Cosmic Charlie > The Golden Road > China Cat Sunflower > Eyes of the World > New Speedway Boogie > Easy Wind / Franklin's Tower > Dupree's Diamond Blues / Glendale Train > Bertha / Jack Straw / Cassidy > Scarlet Begonias / Mountains of the Moon > Terrapin Station - At A Siding (¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> These songs are all etched deeply in my DNA, and I recorded myself playing them back when I was in practice...
Keywords: Grateful Dead Forever! Just a guy playing some of my favorite songs on the guitar
Downloads: 97
[image]Tehillim for Klal Yisroel - Rafi Simcha
Psalms to read for the safety and strength of Israel. Psalms 20, 83, 121, 130, and 142 Curate note: Jewish content
Keywords: tehillim; psalms; prayer; Israel
Downloads: 10
[audio]Bar Yochai - Kirtanjah April 2008 - Rafi Simcha
Bar Yochai, author of the Zohar, is honored in this song, which we sang at the end of our April Kirtan. Participants had handouts that showed translations of all the verses, and transliterations of the chorus, so we knew what we were singing.... Curate note: Judaic content.
Keywords: Bar Yochai Kabbalah Kirtan Zohar
Downloads: 220
[audio]Kirtan Jah - Smaller Portions - Rafi Simcha
I've divided up the various tunes we've done into smaller chunks, between 5 and 8 minutes long. Enjoy! The explanatory / attunment material has been deleted from these audio files to save space, but at the live events we explain the meanings of the words and establish a meditative awareness around the singing. This selection also now includes "Bar Yochai," the song eulogizing the author of the Zohar...
Keywords: kirtan jewish chanting call and response chant hebrew meditation bar yochai mah yakar chasdecha shekhina kadosh denver kedusha keertan music prayer psalms
Downloads: 730
[audio]Hod v'Hadar L'Fanav - Kirtan Style [Updated 1/30/11] - Rafi Simcha
Here are experimental renditions of 1 Chronicles 16:27-30. I'm sure it could be much better, but this is the best I could do all by myself on the computer layering wave files of my own voice and instruments... I visualize this being done as a kirtan - there are only two verses [these are part of the daily prayer service] and people could easily learn it. If you are coming to one of the kirtans, we will be doing this one among others...
Keywords: hodu davening shacharit p'suki d'zimra Torah kirtan shabad harmonium Chronicles Bible meditation
Downloads: 124
[audio]The Woman of Valor - Rafi Simcha
Three tunes for the Woman of Valor, read by me, with a short explanation of it. Also a live version, with HORRIBLE sound quality, but the beauty of it still brings tears to my eyes. This was recorded in a lush mountain meadow, in the kitchen at Jerusalem camp, with about 30 people singing along, banging on djembes, congas, and cooking pots. I recorded it as I came from a long distance - meaning that it was audible from as much as a mile away...
Keywords: niggun chant kirtan ecstatic Rainbow Gathering 2006 Jerusalem Camp Carlebach Bat Ayin shefa orach atzilut simcha
Downloads: 291
[audio]Phenomena And Events - Rafi Simcha
Here are various blessings for all kinds of things, including the Wayfarer's Prayer, El Malei Rachamim, and the Kavvanah for Tefillin. Yekum Purkan is explained in the recording, and read in Aramaic without translation. El Malei Rachamim is the prayer said for the deceased. This is read once in Hebrew, then parsed in English and Hebrew, and then again in Hebrew. Magen Avot, said after Kabbalat Shabbat...
Keywords: blessings brachot bless prayer wayfarer's prayer
Downloads: 101
[audio]Katchaturian Toccata E Flat Major - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Music & Arts. Aram Katchaturian's Toccata in E Flat Major, written in 1932, has a strong Armenian influence, featuring peculiar rhythms and hints of country folk melodies. Sorry about the bad sound quality and the messy technique - I'm just an amateur. The birds are liking it, though...
Keywords: Katchaturian toccata piano modern flashy dramatic thrilling
Downloads: 300
[audio]Yomim Norayim ~ Days of Awe ~ Hoshannas of Sukkot - Rafi Simcha
Mystical, elaborate, and deep ritual, going on for hours, featuring extended chants and intensely difficult language - This is how to describe the Jewish High Holy Days {Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.} Anyone who has fidgeted through seemingly endless, tedious mumbling with no understanding, has missed the vast and dazzling treasure that is the "Days of Awe" - the "Yomim Norayim." And that's not surprising, since the fruits of these days are profoundly difficult to penetrate...
Keywords: kavannah hoshanas hosannas hoshannah rosh hashanah yom kippur jewish prayer holy Torah kavannah chant ritual meditation
Downloads: 226
[audio]Taher Libenu b'Emet - Rafi Simcha - Rainbow 2006 - Rafi Simcha
Another ecstatic moment at Rainbow, Ethan again leading us in another wild and gorgeous niggun. The sound is a little better on this one... "Taher Libenu b'Emet - Purify our Hearts" "Shabbes Kodesh - Holy Shabbat" Curate note: Judaic content.
Keywords: niggun chant kirtan ecstatic Rainbow Gathering 2006 Jerusalem Camp Carlebach Bat Ayin shefa orach atzilut simcha tehillim prayer music collective joy festival wild dancing
Downloads: 302
[audio]Reb Chenoch Dov Hoffman Speaks Erev Tisha B' Av 5773 At The Kever Of Rabbeinu Eliezer Ben Arach - Rafi Simcha
The recording is about 57 minutes long, and the sound clears at about 90 seconds.Some of the subjects of the shiur are:Without Yochanan ben Zakkai, the learning would be lost. He started the yeshiva at Yavneh after being smuggled out of Jerusalem, and wrote down the mishneh. Without him there would be no Judaism today. The point is to develop the "Lev Tov" - the Good Heart.The shiur is centered around a story from Talmud Chagigah about Yochanan ben Zakkai and the concept that Maaseh Merkava [Kab...
Keywords: Chassidic thought; Talmud; Jewish; Rabbi Hoffman; Israel; Yochanan ben Zakkai; Kabbalah
Downloads: 61
[audio]Davening at Kohelet - Rafi Simcha
Hallel, Hoshana Raba 1) Hallel, followed by the Hoshanas of Hoshana Raba [1 hr. 10 mins] 2) Variations of tunes for Hallel [3 mins] 3) Variations of tunes for Hoshanas [5 mins] 4) Shacharit with Hallel [starts mid-Psuki d'Zimra] [1 hr. 21 mins] Guitar, bells, all voices 5) Simchat Torah at Kohelet: Niggunim, and Torah readings of HaAzinu and Bereshit [35 mins] [Lots of Kids] Curate note: Judaic content.
Keywords: prayer davening singing hoshana succot Torah simcha chag sameach festival tefila tefillah
Downloads: 298
[audio]Toccata and Fugue from Seven Toccatas - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Music & Arts. This is not the grand toccata famous from horror movies - I don't have a pipe organ or enough skill... Those are real birds on the porch chirping in the backround...
Keywords: Bach toccata fugue D minor piano baroque classical
Downloads: 621
[audio]Inside Jihad ~ What Makes Radical Islam Tick - Rafi Simcha
Understanding and Confronting Radical Islam "More than twenty years ago, Tawfik Hamid was recruited by Jamaa Islamiya - an Islamic terrorist group led by Dr. Aiman Al Zawahiri, currently the second-in-command of Al Qaeda. After adopting the ideology of violent jihad for a period of time, Dr. Hamid recognized the threat of radical Islam and rejected Islamist distortions of the religion. He then pursued a path of reformation within Islam, writing new interpretations of key religous texts and shari...
Keywords: Islamic Jihad Islamiya Al-Zawahiri Radical Islam Terrorism psychology Jewish Jew Jews بارقة; أمل؛ العراق ؛ إسلام ؛ مسلمين ؛ جهاد ؛ مجاهدين ؛ إمارة أفغانستان الإسلامية ؛ الظواهري ؛ الحكيم ؛ تفجير ؛ تدمير ؛ مرتدين ؛ دولة العراق الإسلامية ؛ الفرقان ؛ فلسطين ؛ الصومال ؛ القاعدة ؛ صدى الملاحم ؛ حركة الشباب ؛ ولاية القوقاز ؛ تركستان الشرقية ؛ بن لادن ؛ أسامة ؛ طالبان ؛ الملا ؛ عمر ؛ أبو عمر البغدادي ؛ أبو مصعب عبدالودود ؛ أبو الزبير ؛ أبو منصور ؛ ؛ ناصر الوحيشي؛أبو هريرة ؛أبو حمزة; المهاجر
Downloads: 261
[audio]Kohelet Songs - Rafi Simcha
A collection of tunes for parts of the liturgy shared among Kohelet members. Page numbers are from the Metsudah siddur. Please note that in the player to the right, you have to scroll down just to the right of the players to see items that are further down. P'sukei d'Zimra begins with Baruch sh'amar on p. 195. There are two versions here. Yehi Kavod begins on page 221 Psalm 145 begins on page 223 "Transition" - Va'Yevareich David, pages 233-234 Az Yashir Moshe - The Song at the Sea, pages 234-24...
Keywords: liturgy niggun nusach davening Sabbath psalms psalm tehillim Shabbat shacharit tunes prayer Hebrew
Downloads: 616
[audio]Capitol Hillbillies ~ A Denver Compilation - Rafi Simcha
A compilation of pieces by various sound artists in Denver, Colorado, from the mid-1980s. The musical styles run the gamut from faithful reproductions of the late 60s garage sound to "industrial noise," to heavy metal, to 80s style grunge/noise. Produced by Kelly Cowan, Bob Ferbrache, Randy Metz [Rafi Simcha], and Waxtrax Art and Design. T. Motley Printing. 1986 We are actively searching for more Denver music of this era to create a "Volume II" version to post here...
Keywords: punk rock industrial deconstructed soundscape ambient thrash metal screaming guitar hot licks
Downloads: 530
[audio]Psalm 91 ~ Various Versions - Rafi Simcha
Here are several versions of Psalm 91, by which I was able to memorize it. I just listened to these on my iphone all day over and over, and the variety kept it from becoming "invisible" to my ears, kept me interested, and firmly embedded it in my cortex. Now I say it from memory a couple times a day: when I do my yoga in the morning, and when I'm falling asleep at night.
Keywords: psalms tehillim meditation learn Hebrew Psalms of David Ha Melech
Downloads: 744
[audio]Tehillim - Tikkun ha Klali, Kabbalat Shabbat, Birchat Ha Shachar - Rafi Simcha
Here are the Tikkun ha Klali [Repair of Everything], the Psalms for Kabbalat Shabbat, the "Shir ha MaAlot" - "Songs of Ascents" and the Morning Blessings. Tikkun haKlali consists of Psalms 16, 32, 40, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150. This series of Tehillim is called the "Great Remedy," and was identified by the great Rabbi Nachman, z"tzl. These 10 are said to represent the entire sefer Tehillim...
Keywords: psalm tehillim prayer psalms great remedy tikkun haklali psalmrafi davening shacharit Jewish prayers siddur morning tefila tefillah
Downloads: 2,278
[audio]Three Gnossiennes and the 1st Gymnopedie ~ Erik Satie - Rafi Simcha
Played by Rafi Simcha Thank Wikipedia for this: Éric Alfred Leslie Satie (Honfleur, 17 May 1866 – Paris, 1 July 1925) was a French composer and pianist. Starting with his first composition in 1884, he signed his name as Erik Satie. Satie was introduced as a "gymnopedist" in 1887, shortly before writing his most famous compositions, the Gymnopédies. Later, he also referred to himself as a "phonometrician" (meaning "someone who measures sounds") preferring this designation to that of "musician...
Keywords: ambient piano calm belle epoch cubist cubism dada ritual dance meditation
Downloads: 1,702
[audio]Talmud Chagigah ~ Visions of the Chariot - Rafi Simcha
We began studying Tractate Chagigah in 2003, and completed it on my 55th birthday, 12/13/10. I wanted to make these audio notations of the more amazing parts so I could listen to them at work and not forget them, so I'm also sharing them. In most books on the Kabala that are even attempting to be 'authoritative,' many references are made to Tractate Chagigah, and to the specific pages represented in these recordings...
Keywords: Talmud Chagigah gemara PARDES Kabala Bible Kabbalah Qabala mystical vision paradise chariot merkavah Ezekiel Isaiah Torah prophecy study discussion talmudic debate 7 heavens angels Metatron Sandalphon
Downloads: 242
[audio]Ambient Tracks - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Music & Arts. Here are some soothing ambient soundtracks. Cloudsurf: Soft pillows of sound with a barely perceptable rhythm... 16:5 mb - 9 minutes Gongtime: Cavernous gong meditation - ... 8:8 mb - 23 minutes Nag Champa: A fragrant wafting of bells, chimes, gongs, and other sounds - live recording. 17 minutes Pranasurf: Inobtrusive, distant sounds with subtle breathing reminders reminiscent of ocean surf.....
Keywords: ambient bright light prana calm meditation breath breathing relax relaxing calming stress relief minimal minimalism minimalist
Downloads: 2,579 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Rainbow Gathering, New Mexico, 2009 - Rafi Simcha
These recordings were made at the Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico, 2009. Many were recorded at the Honoway bliss pit. Here's the lineup: 1) Drumming 2) Jazz/Funk at G-Funk 3) Moondance with hot saxophone > 20 minutes of trade circle ambience 4) Spirit is the One > Jah Jah on the Line 5) Reb Shmuel: Give a Guy a Break > If You Wanna Be an Actor > I'm So Happy 6) Jeremy Pesach: So Much Magnifcence in the Ocean - the Story of Two Waves > Love The Earth 7) Arjun Baba: Jaya Ganesha, Govinda Jaya Jaya...
Keywords: Rainbow Gathering campfire kirtan shabad music performance live guitar genius songs music love peace prayer
Downloads: 1,178 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Rabbi Hoffman's Study Guide - Rafi Simcha
Here is Rabbi Hoffman's Study Guide, which contains a glossary of familiar or not-so familiar Hebrew words, diagrams, and many other fascinating study tools. This is the "PDF" link on the left that says "2.1 M" next to it. The smaller file is the book of Dialectic Triangles, in which the Rabbi illustrates numerous Hebrew words that have 3 meanings - creating dialectic triangles which teach principles of Judaic philosophy...
Keywords: Torah Jewish Bible Study Chasidic Judaic Philosophy
Downloads: 271
[audio]Kohelet Library Service ~ Rosh Ha Shana - Rafi Simcha
Here are audio recordings of the Kohelet Library Service - Rosh Ha Shanah Service With these recordings, we will be able to practice and learn our various parts. There are numerous short readings, and some people know about them in advance, and some readings are given 'on the fly,' during the service. These are in English. The songs and Hebrew parts are also done by various participants, and here is a good place to learn them...
Keywords: tefila Rosh Hashana egalitarian matriarchs English singing participation abbreviated chapter headings rashei p'rakim Torah kavvanah
Downloads: 123
[audio]Piyyut - Songs from the Liturgy - Rafi Simcha
Here are some of the special songs from the Jewish Prayer Service 1) Akdamut Milin - Composed by Rabbi Meir ben Yitzchak in the 11th century, in Worms, Germany, it has 90 verses in terse, difficult Aramaic which lead us through the great heights and depths of mystical understanding. It is read on Shavuot, right before the first aliyah. 2) Anim Zemirot - Song of Glory - by Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid from the 12th century...
Keywords: piyyut hymns Jewish Hebrew Aramaic mystical songs prayer hymn
Downloads: 1,872
[audio]Shir ha Shirim - the Song of Solomon - Rafi Simcha
The "Song of Songs" is at first glance, a love poem. But it is a love poem that constantly shifts between genders, mixing male and female in a way that liberates it from one side or the other. On a deeper level, the lush poetic imagery uses ideas and terminology all taken from the Torah: "your hair is fragrant" like various ingredients of the temple incense; your thighs are sturdy like the towers of the temple; your countenance is like the walls of Jerusalem...
Keywords: Shir ha Shirim Song of Songs meditation Solomon Canticles Hebrew Torah Ketuvim Shabbat Sabbath Kabbalah mysticism love song love poetry shir hashirim bible rafishir
Downloads: 4,833
[audio]Gertrude Stein, Gradually - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Audio Books & Poetry. Gertrude Stein was the gravitational center of the bohemian art-scene in Paris from around 1907 to 1913. Not herself a graphic artist, her art took the form of jarringly experimental writing, and her social influence outshone her recognition as a writer until much later. The "Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" excerpts sound like familiar story-telling, while the other pieces are adaptations of Stein's experimental-language writings, and are near-hallucinatory a...
Keywords: Gertrude Stein; poetry; avant garde; spoken word; performance; non sequitur as art; dada; early twentieth century; cubism; cubist; experimental language; words as parts of music; matisse; toulouse lautrec; gaugin; daumier; delacroix; greco; cezanne; Modernist Poetry; talking books; read me a story; audio; mp3; listen; read to me; storytelling
Downloads: 1,878
[audio]Zemirot ~ Sabbath Songs - Rafi Simcha
Here are several of the songs that are sung at Shabbat dinner 1) Bar Yochai - A Sefardic zemer that celebrates the author of the Holy Zohar 2) Dror Yikra - This one has as many tunes as Adon Olam 3) Dror Yikra - Another version 4) And another 5) Eshet Chayil - A Woman of Valor - the last 22 verses of Proverbs 6) Eshet Chayil - Another tune 7) Mah Yedidut - Rabbi Hoffman's minhag is to have everyone name a kosher fish between each verse 8) Menucha v'Simcha - Contentment, Gladness...
Keywords: zemirot table songs Hebrew Shabbat Sabbath dinner singing
Downloads: 1,644
[audio]Four World Meditation - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Religion and Spirituality. Updated March, 2009 The Four World Meditation is a combination learning / healing / visualization experience that is based on the Kabbalistic Tree of the Sefirot, but it is not limited to Jewish philosophy. It includes quotes from William Blake, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Tao te Ching, Aldous Huxley, Navajo Blessingway rites, and the Prophet Ezekiel. Also included are affirmations for healing, prosperity, social and physical health, and good governm...
Keywords: healing meditation breathwork pranayama yoga Kabbalah sefirot affimations shekhina harmonium jewish hebrew judaic tibetan bells singing bowls breath affirmations ana b'koach genesis prayer curandero visualization manifestation process
Downloads: 981 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Harmonious Blacksmith - Rafi Simcha
Here is Georg Friedrich Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith," an "Air with Variations." It's in four sharps, giving it a brightness that goes well with the clanging of the blacksmith's hammer, imitated by the regular, pronounced and explicit beat. There are 13 variations, and the first 12 all repeat. [I still need to work on this one more, and I'll update the recording as I get better...] Also to fit the upbeat mood, here is Mozart's Sonata in F Major K...
Keywords: classical piano Handel Beethoven music Baroque harpsichord parlour lady finger dipped in moonlight
Downloads: 414
[audio]A Voyage to Arcturus ~ By David Lindsay - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Audio Books & Poetry "A Voyage to Arcturus" has been described as a Science Fiction version of "Pilgrim's Progress:" a journey through a land of metaphorical landscapes, and encounters with personifications of various moral qualities. Published in 1920, it is among some of the earliest true Sci-Fi Fantasy, and rivals all that has come since. Maskull, the story's hero, travels from 19th century England to a planet orbiting the star Arcturus, where he grows extra limbs and eyes, and m...
Keywords: space time travel distant planets aliens ethics meditation ambient alternate realities science fiction audio books tormance psychic powers space travel aliens read me a story alien landscape audiobooks fantastic creatures collection: audio_bookspoetry audiobook
Downloads: 1,280 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]IyyunTehillim ~ Psalms in Depth - Rafi Simcha
Study versions of numerous Psalms, in Hebrew and English, verse by verse. This group includes the Tikkun Ha Klali series, [Psalms 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and 150.], the Psalms for the days of the week [starting with Yom Rishon or "Sunday:" 24, 48, 82, 94:1 - 95:3, 81, 93 and 92] and various other seasonal or occasional Tehillim. In these study versions I pronounce the 'tav' with and without the dagesh [dot] - so they are either a 'T' sound or an 'S' sound...
Keywords: psalm tehillim prayer psalms great remedy tikkun haklali song songs David shir ha yom
Downloads: 240
[audio]Shacharit at Shalom al Yisroel - Rafi Simcha
Here are selections from our Sunday morning davening. As we keep filling in the blanks, we'll post the recordings, explanatory material, and page numbers for the various siddurim people are using. Some parts of the Sunday davening are read in English, and those sections are rendered here in Hebrew by Rafi alone. [I figure you can read the English on your own...] Also, in the interest of being thorough, I'm adding other parts that we don't read, such as the kavvanot for the tallit and tefillin, a...
Keywords: Shalom al Yisroel Jewish prayer Hebrew singing davening Shacharit song at the sea Moses mitzraim daven prayer meditation call response siddur tehillim Rabbi Hoffman tefila tefillah
Downloads: 3,765
[audio]Mirage Music ~ Poulenc ~ Verdi ~ Mussorgsky - Rafi Simcha
This is music made with a Mirage Ensonic sampler back in 1986 or so, when sampling technology was first available commercially. What that is, is simply a standard piano keyboard that you can plug sound samples into, like a pipe organ with infinite stops... Here's the lineup: Mouvments Perpetuels ~ Francis Poulenc Flor Peeters: Valse Lente Granados: Andaluza ~ Playera : From 12 Spanish Dances Beethoven: Bagatelle 1 Beethoven: Variation from "6 Variations" Mussorgsky: Bydlo ~ The Donkey Cart - - P...
Keywords: romance music piano sampler flutes voices classical
Downloads: 458
[audio]Bach, Chopin, Faure, and Granados - Rafi Simcha
Parlour Piano: Here are some of Bach's short preludes and fugues, and the first prelude and fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier. Please overlook my ham-handed playing [I've only had a couple of lessons] and wonder at the beauty of Bach. I've also now included a Bach Partita from Anna Magdalena's Little Notebook, Gabriel Faure's Claire de Lune, Chopin's Nocturne in G Minor, Francois Poulenc's "Mouvments Perpetuels," and four of the 12 Spanish Dances by Granados: Zambra, Andaluza~Playera, Minueto...
Keywords: Johann Sebastian Bach Das Wohltempiertes Klavier piano amateur Granados Faure Chopin romance music
Downloads: 1,799
[audio]Ovid ~ Metamorphoses ~ 08-2008 - Rafi Simcha
Curate note: Audio Books & Poetry. In his 'Metamorphoses,' Ovid weaves a rich tapestry of images from nature and imagination, one story blending into the next and frequently referencing earlier or later episodes. Drawn from Greek mythology and Latin folklore, Ovid's common theme is transformation. This selection is approximately 10% of the entire work, and is about four and a half hours of listening...
Keywords: classic classics Latin amo folk stories mythology story storytelling myth gods goddess nymphs naiads transform gender bend wine dream vision poetry poem ambient calm meditation imagine mystery nature forests springs magic sparkle pretty pictures beauty ancient timeless poetry cthonic apollonian dionysian fairy sybil flying spoken word storyteller speaks a door within the fire creaks soothing sooth relaxing calming calm relax slow down
Downloads: 4,149
[audio]Psalms of David in Hebrew - Rafi Simcha
Here are a number of Tehillim - Psalms. The first clip, "Az Yashir" is not actually a Psalm - it's the "Song at the Sea" : Exodus 14:30-15:19, which is part of the daily prayer service. It's included here because it is in a sense the "primary" song, it being the oldest. Everything else here are "Psalms of David," from the Book of Psalms, "The Psalter," or in Hebrew "Tehillim." Some have titles that obviously identify what chapter they are; the other clips contain Psalms as follows: [List doesn't...
Keywords: psalm tehillim hallel prayer psalms great remedy tikkun haklali shabbat jewish singing praise torah bible prayer psalmist judaic hebrew music singing jewish jews sing psalmrafi
Downloads: 9,684 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Yid is So Dred - Jerusalem Camp - 2006 - Rafi Simcha, editor
Live jamming at Jerusalem Camp, at the Rainbow Gathering, 2006
Keywords: chassid reggae gathering zev family kosher simcha koach
Downloads: 178
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